School Tours

School tours are offered during September and October. In September the tours are for apple picking. Our 2019 apple crop is excellent. During the last week of September and October the children will pick pumpkins. We have completely redone our playground and have several new features.

For apple tours the children will take a hayride out to the orchard and pick a small bag of apples. They will see all of our orchards, berries and pumpkin fields. When they get back they will stop at the grading room to see how we sort and polish apples. Next they will hear a talk about bees and will sample our apple butter. After that they will have time to see the Johnny Appleseed tree and go to the playground. There is space in the playground or other areas for lunch,

Pumpkin tours will be the same as apple tours except that the children will pick a small pumpkin instead of apples. In addition our Pumpkin Fantasyland displays will be up where the farmstead is decorated with pumpkin and gourd figures and hundreds of pumpkin will be on display or you can pick them in the field.

Tours for apple and pumpkin picking can be scheduled from 8:30 to 1:30 on the dates listed above. Allow enough time to get to the farm and at least one hour for the tour. Allow even more time if there are more than two classes. To schedule tours please call us at (636) 228-4338 or e-mail us at