Fall Season

Centennial Farms has a very small apple crop this year because of a severe spring freeze.  Apple butter, preserves, honey and salsa will be available. We will be open only on weekends.
We are hoping for a good pumpkin and we will start pick your own the middle of September.  There is no admission or parking charge and our playground was updated with new attractions last fall.


We grow 16 varieties of apples that ripen from the middle of August until early October.

Pumpkin Fantasyland and Pick Your Own Pumpkins

The last weekend in September our farmstead turns into a “PUMPKIN FANTASYLAND”. Walk into out farmstead and be surrounded by pumpkin characters and Halloween fun. We decorate with full size pumpkin and gourd figures representing farm folks, storybook characters and some of your favorite movie characters. There are aliens and a crashed spaceship. A graveyard has some very humorous inscriptions, most of them from real cemeteries. Mixed in with the figures are hundreds of pumpkins from minis to some big ones. You can also go to two fields and pick your own pumpkins. We have an assortment of winter squash and decorative gourds.

From Our Farm Kitchen

Our market is stocked with the apple butter we make and about 20 kinds of preserves. In addition we sell a large selection of preserves, salsa, pickles, relishes and other items from various suppliers.